DTIC's Scientific and Technical Resources


The scope of DTIC's scientific and technical (S&T) collection covers all areas of defense research, including biological and medical science, environmental pollution and control, and behavioral and social science. The collection also contains Department of Defense (DoD) directives and instructions, budget information, conference and symposia proceedings, patents and patent applications, and other topics of interest to the defense community.


DTIC Online (Public) does not require registration and offers easy access to publicly accessible information from defense and federal websites.



R&E Gateway -

The R&E Gateway offers a collaborative environment, where DoD and industry partners, separated by geography, time and organization, can access and contribute information and data. Through these tools the S&T community can discover, create, and share current and past DoD science and technology advancements and investments as well as coordinate, integrate and optimize technology development efforts. Unless noted, all sites are open to DoD, Federal and contractor employees for broad collaboration.



A virtual collaboration environment for the community to engage in dialogue, create content, coordinate projects and connect with colleagues. It is a planning tool to coordinate, discuss, consolidate and track project data.



Quickly discover public and access controlled DoD research projects and documents, as well as people, places and content from the DoDTechSpace community on your topic of interest. You can save time and money by finding current or past research data and discussions related to your project or people with the needed expertise.



This collective wiki enables the sharing and updating of technology development information instantly by the community. Uncover the latest research updates or store and share your research data.



Through this tool you can access S&T funding information. The data is displayed in charts and graphs that the user can manipulate and export. It also provides access to a wide range of business information on the DoD Labs. Open only to DoD personnel.


Budget Tools

Review and analyze DoD research and engineering funding data with quick links to nine Budget and Planning resource websites. Through these tools you have access to RDT&E data, programs, program elements, Procurement, Operations and Maintenance, Personnel, Program Objective Memorandum (POM), Budget Estimate Submission (BES), and Program Budget Review (PBR) budget cycles. These tools enable the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Research & Engineering (ASD(R&E)) resource managers to respond to changes proposed by Congress to the RDT&E budget. These tools also enable the Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) community to follow, update and respond to requests related to the RDT&E budget cycle. In addition, they provide insight on the financial, manpower, and facility investments made in DoD laboratories.