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DoD's Implementation of Public Access

As DoD prepares to implement Public Access, the search above is provided to aid the public in the discovery of journal articles that are already part of the DTIC collection search. DoD’s approach to Public Access will start with access to DoD-funded journal articles and associated datasets in intramural basic research (research that is performed by DoD personnel), then move on to implement public access for contractor and grantee-performed work. Metadata from datasets will be forwarded to

In collaboration with the Department of Energy’s Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI), DoD has set up a prototype “DoD Public Access Search.” This search includes an initial collection of published journal articles that refer to DoD funding. When DoD begins to receive manuscripts from authors of DoD-funded research, the manuscripts will be matched against the publishers’ versions and combined citations will be shown.

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Benefits to DoD
  • Increased access to government-wide scholarly publications and scientific data, cost savings to DoD libraries
  • Increased visibility of DoD research priorities
  • Provide the necessary information to validate the results of the research
  • Expand innovation through a better understanding of our taxpayer funded research
  • Bolster the credibility of DoD-funded scientific findings

We welcome your input on additional articles to be added to the DoD collection.

Additional Information:

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