Step-by-Step Registration for US Federal Government Employees


Submit & Verify Registration


1. Register using the Web-based application:

Terms & Conditions

2. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions.

3. Select "Do not have DoD CAC" by clicking on the Register button.




4. Enter your work email address.


5. Receive the verification email from You must respond within 72 hours.


6. Click on the hyperlink in the verification email to continue the registration process.


NOTE: Contact your administrator if the email is not in your inbox. Make sure that emails from are not being blocked. You can also contact DTIC's Customer Access Team for assistance at 703-767-8273, DSN 427-8273 or 800-225-3842 (selection 4) or send an email to


7. Re-enter your work email address and enter the token from the verification email. Your email address must match your previous entry.


8. Click the Validate button.


9. Choose the Federal Government Employee option.


10. Click the Continue button.

Registration Application

11. Fill out the registration application.


  • Enter the agency/organization name on the organization line.
  • Enter your work address - do not use a home address.
  • Select the Type of Access required:

Classified Access


12. Enter the classified mailing address of your organization, in the Mail/Shipping Address section, if you want to order classified documents from DTIC..

NOTE: You will need to be registered for classified access on the NIPR, if you ever need to have a classified document digitized for the classified site..

13. Select the level of access you need: Confidential, Secret, Restricted Data (RD), CNWDI, NATO Unclassified, NATO Confidential, NATO Secret. Your security officer will need to provide brief dates if access to NATO and CNWDI are requested (NATO brief date must be within the last 12 months).


14. Enter government approving official's contact information - name, title, phone number, agency/organization name and email address. Your government approving official will be your direct supervisor or someone higher in your chain of command.


15. Enter security officer's contact information - name, phone number and email address.


NOTE: An email will be sent to the government approving official and security officer (if provided) requesting approval of your request.


16. Click on the Submit button. You will receive an email confirming the receipt of your application. This email is not an approval notice.


NOTE: DTIC must receive all requested information to process your application.

After successful processing of your application, you will receive a welcome letter via email with your DTIC login ID.


NOTE: If you want online access to classified information: DTIC now has Registration directly on the SIPRNet. Please go to the following URL to register for DTIC's classified sites on SIPR at


NOTE: You cannot have online access to classified information if you do not have access to the SIPRNET and a SIPRNET email address.