Information Analysis Centers

Information Analysis Centers (IACs) are research and analysis organizations established by the DoD to support researchers, scientists, engineers, and program managers with expertise in all areas of Defense research and engineering. With their broad footprint across DoD, IACs allow the Department to reduce duplication, building on previous research, development, and operational experience.

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Legacy DoD IACs

  • AMMTIAC - Advanced Materials, Manufacturing, and Testing Information Analysis Center
  • SENSIAC - Military Sensing Information Analysis Center
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Current Structure of the DoD IACs

Basic Centers of Operation (BCOs)

  • CSIAC - Cyber Security and Information Systems Information Analysis Center focuses on Cybersecurity, Information Assurance, Software Engineering, Modeling & Simulation, and Knowledge Management.
  • DSIAC - Defense Systems Information Analysis Center focuses on Advanced Materials, Reliability/Maintainability (RMQSI), Weapon Systems, Survivability/Vulnerability, Military Sensing, Autonomous Systems, Non-lethal Weapons, Energetics, and Directed Energy.
  • HDIAC - Homeland Defense and Security Information Analysis Center focuses on Critical Infrastructure Protection, CBRN Defense, Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction, Biometrics, Medical, Cultural Studies, and Alternative Energy.


Technical Area Tasks (TATs)

  • DS TATs - Defense Systems Technical Area Tasks
  • HD TATs - Homeland Defense & Security Technical Area Tasks
  • SNIM - Software, Networks, Information, Modeling and Simulation

  • A best-in-class contract vehicle for research and development (R&D) and R&D related Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS) efforts.

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