Free Online Reports


Recently added unclassified unlimited reports in DTIC's Technical Reports (TR) Collection are available to the public in an online full-text version, free of charge.


Can I purchase print documents from DTIC?

DTIC no longer sells unclassified print documents. The National Technical Information Service (NTIS) sells publicly releasable documents from DTIC's collection in print, digital, and microform formats. You may be able to purchase the document from NTIS.

I am a DoD or government employee or contractor. Are there additional free full-text reports available to me?

Registered DTIC users have access to the entire DTIC collection including limited reports. Registered users can also request digitization of older reports.


What if I have trouble downloading?

There is a compatibility problem between Adobe Acrobat and some browsers. If you are unable to download one of our documents this may be the cause. If you have this problem, view Having Trouble Downloading.


Are there any copyright restrictions on these full-text reports?

Not all materials appearing on DTIC Online are in the public domain; some are copyrighted. Please refer to our Copyright Guidance.