User Council


The User Council serves as a liaison between DTIC and its user community, operating independently to provide feedback and advice to DTIC on the community's concerns.

Individuals registered with DTIC are considered members of the DTIC User Group, except DTIC employees. They are represented by the User Council which was formed to:

  • Reflect and articulate the interests of the membership.
  • Encourage and facilitate any DTIC operations, plans or cooperative efforts that benefit the membership.
  • Expedite the flow of information between the membership and DTIC.
  • Make recommendations concerning DTIC products and services.




  • The council members, who serve for two years, represent the Army, Navy/Marine Corps, Air Force, other DoD and Federal agencies and DoD contractors.

  • The officers are the President, Vice President, and Secretary.

  • Council members are elected during the DTIC Conference by vote of the general membership.

  • The Council holds at least one meeting per year, which is held during the DTIC Conference. The Council interacts with DTIC managers to promote communication between DTIC and the Council and keep the Council abreast of major developments in DTIC. The Council typically presents issues or ideas which have been suggested by the user community. Discussion between DTIC and the Council follows, during which these issues are further defined and analyzed for practicality and potential for development.

  • User Council members also frequently serve as beta testers for new DTIC products.

  • User Council members are accessible either by telephone, email, fax or in person.