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Mr. Stephen Welby testifies at ETC Hearing: DoD FY17 Science and Technology Programs
The FY17 PBR of $582.7B includes $71.4B for the Defense RDT&E base budget. Follow the marks made to the PBR by the committees in House of Representatives and the Senate, as they debate and determine the final appropriations for the FY 2017 budget here.
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Defense Technical Information Center Signs Agreement with CHORUS to Advance Public Access to DoD-Funded Published Research
This agreement enables DTIC to provide the public with access to DoD-funded journal articles through a Public Access Search. Click here for more information.
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Contractors Can Now Access the R&E Gateway
Your source for DoD-funded research and technology information and collaboration -- with an industry issued access card. Click here for more information on access.
Reading Room
DTIC Combatant Command (CCMD) Classified Reading Room
A CCMD Classified Reading Room has been established at DTIC to support the technology needs of the CCMDs. Sign-up today.